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Metal is resistant to a wide variety of environmental factors, able to hold a great deal of weight and is still fabricated into many different forms when heated. Steel, aluminum and titanium are the three main types of metal materials used to construct storage racks, which generally consist of vertical and horizontal rods or beams, a series of decks and supporting rods. Read More…

Metal Storage Racks Metal storage racks are popular systems for organizing and storing unused items in warehouse racking systems.

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We create storage racks that are ideal for a full spectrum of industries. Our company offers a diverse selection of storage racks to pick from and there are various advantages with each type of material. These racks are very functional and you will save money when you buy factory direct. Your satisfaction is vital to the growth of our company which is why your needs come first! Give us a call today if you would like to learn more!

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Ridg-U-Rak®, Inc. $$$

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Steel King's Free-standing ClereSpan® Mezzanine Systems are the solution to expanding useable floor space without expensive leases, costly land acquisition or construction delays. ClereSpan mezzanines and industrial warehouse platforms provide full utilization of both floor-level and platform-level space with no cross bracing between support columns.

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Steel King Industries, Inc. $$$

Capitol Heights, MD  |  800-648-2600

In business for 50 years, Advanced Equipment Co. has provided storage and material handling solutions. Our industrial and warehouse steel storage shelving choices include lockers, metal rivet shelving, boltless, wide span, pallet racks, modular drawer storage and more by Penco Products and CUE.

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Fairfield, NJ  |  973-227-0018

Our products include vertical lifts and mezzanines for production, new or used racks for raw material storage, modular in-plant offices for personnel on the production floor, high-density drawers and cabinets for small parts storage, high-density shelving for files and records and plan tables and blueprint storage systems for jobsite trailers.

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East Taunton, MA  |  800-564-0152

American Material Handling (AMH) is a full-service-stocking distributor of new and used wire shelving, pallet racks, storage cabinets and other material handling products. AMH Corp, a woman-owned and operated small business, offers nothing less than top quality new and used material handling equipment products at realistic prices.

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American Material Handling Corp. $$$
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The major components of metal storage racks are either bolted or welded together and have very long life spans, even when under constant strain. While wire storage racks are often used inside the home and office, metal storage racks are common in industrial settings because of their strength, durability and ability to hold a high amount of pounds per square inch (psi). Their specifications include width, height, depth, material used, surface finish and number of levels, which can exceed 5.

Many variations are adjustable, while others are designed to fit certain items like pallets or long parts like wooden posts or metal rods. Metal storage racks are used to hold materials, tools, equipment, parts, finished products, boxes, trays and packaging materials in many different industries, including the food and beverage, restaurant, pharmaceutical, tobacco, metal fabrication, grocery, storage, shipping and electronics industries, among many others.

There are many different types of metal storage racks. Some are manufactured with a wire deck, which is either interwoven together or welded at cross points and are very light in weight yet strong. They are used when high visibility of the stored items is needed. They also prevent dust build up and are easy to clean by spraying down. Some storage rack systems are set at an incline, which allows a FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out) method of picking.

These generally store pallets or large boxes/crates and use gravity to increase the density, thus saving space and making it easier for forklifts to access the front load. Some of these rolling racks are equipped with a series of metal roller conveyors, while others merely use straight, smooth tracks and gravity to force the loads towards the front.

Storage racks are often loaded with a forklift in either the front or back, and the picking is generally done in the front. There are many different setups to choose, depending on whether the rack system is static, meaning non-moving and permanent, or mobile and on wheels or a set of tracks. Mobile storage racks tend to take up less room and are more efficient because they require less aisle space than static systems.

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