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Wire storage racks or shelving systems store, exhibit, or arrange goods, machinery, or materials. They are constructed from welded or woven wire mesh decks fastened to several vertical metal rails. The advantages of these storage rack systems for the home, office, retail, workshop, and manufacturing facility are numerous, in addition to their professional appearance. Read More…

Wire Storage Racks Wire storage racks are shelving systems used for storage, display or organizing products, equipment or material.
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Leading Manufacturers

North East, PA  |  866-479-7225

Ridg-U-Rak produces more than 100 million pounds of pallet rack, high density storage rack and specialized rack systems annually. A customer-centric, full-service pallet rack producer with over 400,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, Ridg-U-Rak offers engineering, design, project management and installation services that meet your pallet rack needs on time and on budget.

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Stevens Point, WI  |  800-826-0203

Steel King offers the industry’s widest selection of rack types, including roll-form and structural pallet racks, drive-in racks, gravity flow and push back storage systems, multi-level pick modules, automation integration, cantilever racks, portable racks, and custom shipping racks. Plus a full-line of guard rail and rack protection products. Full engineering staff and more than 200 standard Quick Ship products.

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Steel King Industries, Inc. $$$

Rancho Cucamonga, CA  |  800-404-RACK

Quality Material Handling (QMH) is a leading total solutions provider for boltless shelving, warehouse racking, storage systems, mezzanines, and dock equipment. With over 29 years of experience and an in-house fabrication facility, QMH designs and manufactures innovative custom solutions such as dock platforms and ramps that solve difficult loading and unloading challenges. We are a full-service warehouse solutions provider committed to doing things the right way.

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Quality Material Handling, Inc. $$$

Montreal, QC  |  833-937-9533

Metalware has been known as a leader in the storage racks and steel shelving industries since 1954. We strive to provide excellent customer service, high-quality products, and competitive prices. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with customers to ensure that each product is designed and manufactured to their exact specifications. Over the years, we have continued to grow and expand, raising industry standards in the process.

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Metalware $$$

Denver, NC  |  800-438-5629

Husky Rack & Wire is a leading storage rack manufacturer that provides high-quality welded wire decks, pallet racks, security wire partition enclosures and warehouse racks. Husky Rack & Wire is committed to customer satisfaction and high-quality products. Visit our website today!

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Westfield, IN  |  866-881-0201

Storage Solutions is a manufacturer of mezzanines, work platforms, pallets, shelving and more! We were founded in 1978 in central Indiana with multiple locations to serve our customers from. We work to give engineers and managers of warehouses and distributions centers a manufacturer they can count on! Our project managers work with you to ensure that your project goes as planned from start to finish. We have our own installation teams that have decades of experience. We offer both new and used equipment to help you find the perfect solution that fits in your budget! Call us today to learn how we can help you!

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In all manufacturing sectors, wire storage racks are frequently utilized in storage and shipping facilities. These metal storage racks are also used in restaurants and healthcare establishments like hospitals and doctor's offices to store equipment. Although they can be built of any metal, stainless steel is the most popular due to its toughness, temperature resistance, and capacity to prevent oxidization, which causes rusting.

Wire Storage Rack

Steel storage racks have a smooth, shining surface. They can withstand washing and are simple to sterilize. Because stainless steel is both heat- and fire-resistant, it improves workplace safety where flammable items are stored. Because they are made in a grid pattern, wire racks are porous and give good visibility.

Additionally, because the rack selves aren’t solid surfaces, dust accumulation is prevented. If necessary, it also provides product ventilation. Finally, wire mesh is more affordable and long-lasting than wood, particle board, sheet metal, or plastic decks. Height, width, depth, weight capacity, material, and finish are all various requirements for fabricating each storage rack.

Types of wire storage racks

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is suited for demanding applications and rough handling because of its uncompromised durability and inherent resistance to rust and corrosion. Weight capacity is the main benefit of stainless steel wire shelving. Because most stainless steel materials have high ductile and tensile strengths, a standard stainless steel wire storage rack can support up to 800 lbs. without bending or breaking. For instance, a typical four-storage rack device with an 800 lb weight rating will support up to 200 lb for each wire rack or storage rack level.

Stainless Steel Wire Storage Rack

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is one of the most widely used substitutes for stainless steel wire shelving. Stainless steel and carbon steel are both strong steel alloys, but there are some significant differences. Because carbon steel wire shelves have a different level of corrosion and rust resistance than their stainless steel counterparts due to this difference in alloy content, they might not be appropriate for storage in humid locations.

Chrome Plated

Chrome-plated wire shelving (or chrome wire shelves) provides a superb blend of durability and versatility. If there is a need for a sturdy and corrosion-resistant choice rack, a chrome-plated wire storage rack is the perfect option. In addition to looking excellent, chrome plating produces a smooth, shiny finish that aids in corrosion and rust resistance. A chrome wire storage rack has galvanized steel, chrome, or nickel-chrome (nichrome) alloy plated via an electrochemical procedure known as electroplating. The chrome or nichrome coating improves the shelving unit's corrosion resistance.

Zinc Plated

Zinc-plated wire shelving is created using an electroplating method which involves coating the surface of galvanized steel with a thin layer of zinc chromate. The main distinction between zinc plating and chrome plating is the wire shelving unit's capacity to withstand wear and tear. Although zinc plating is less expensive and a little less durable than chrome, the color and finish are fairly similar.

Benefits of Wire Storage Racks


Because of its open form, wire shelving is simple to clean and eliminates dust and debris collection. Additionally, it encourages airflow, which lessens condensation and moisture retention. The improved ventilation keeps perishable food items fresher for longer and is appropriate for freestanding commercial kitchen shelves and kitchen pantry storage.

Increased Visibility

The system's wire shelving is designed to let light enter and pass through it. Retail sales representatives, restaurant employees, and warehouse pickers can discover, access, and retrieve merchandise more rapidly because of the improved visibility. Regardless of any line of work, this promotes an effective workstation. Additionally, it gives pests fewer places to hide. When keeping consumables like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, it's crucial to avoid inventory damage and contamination. One of the best options for designing striking retail product displays is wire shelving. This choice is excellent for a closet storage rack to store clothing and accessories in residential situations.

Mobile Wire Storage Rack


A wire shelving unit's open design enables overhead sprinkler systems to reach every storage rack and item, guaranteeing that flames are removed before they do significant damage. If combustible products, such as volatile chemicals, need to be stored in a warehouse or garage, a wire shelving unit is one of the safest solutions.

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